Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cool Galaxy Note Ads on Youtube

Where to buy second hand Samsung Galaxy Note in Singapore

As a Samsung Galaxy Note fan, I honestly think that a second hand note will not make much difference to a newly purchased one. And based on my experience, the resale value of Samsung Galaxy Note is still high. I previously tried to put up my Samsung Galxy Notes for sale and I received 10 enquiries within 1 week. I have a few friends who shared the same experiences as mine. We are amazed on just how popular the Note is in Singapore. None of us really expected this kind of responses given that we often hear many people are laughing about the giant screens of Galaxy Note and how unusable it is as a phone. But the numbers and real experiences tell otherwise.

If you are living in Singapore and you are thinking to get a hands on before buying the upcoming Galaxy Note 2, then there are few places that you can begin with. First, start your search from what appears like a craiglist singapore. I found it musing that despite tonnes of mint conditions Samsung Galaxy Note being put up on sale, there is always buyer who is willing to pay a premium for the phone. I'm sure that if you would like to know how it feels to be holding a 5.3-inch phone and use it as a talking device, then you can find one that is still in excellent working condition for a good bargain. There is plenty of time to test out the device before you decide if the new Galaxy Note is for you.

Of course you can check out the second hand mobile stores that have been mushrooming all over this tiny island. You can walk into any neighbourhood precinct in Singapore and you can easily spot at least one second hand mobile store, whether they come in the form of a shop or just a kiosk with their glass display. At these stores, you can find wide range of popular models in Singapore. Some of these stores are offering pretty good deal. But be very careful when you walk in to these stores. If they are offering any deal that sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure that you know what to look out for. Otherwise, you may find that the unit that you bought does not worth the money that you paid. Do not be tempted by the low prices that are offered. Remember that there is no such thing as free lunch in this world. There are only few possibilities on why things can be cheap. One is the availability of supply and the level of demands. If there are many secondary channels that people can get their goods from, then it is quite possible for things to be cheap. But one problem with non-official (or so-called parallel import) channels, some brands only offer local and not International warranty. What this means is that when you buy a product from one country, you have to go back to the same country for your warranty to be valid. So, the warranty coverage is definitely one thing you should verify before you proceed further with the deal.

Just ask yourself this simple question. Do they need to make money for their living? Where do they get their source from and what makes them able to sell so cheap? If there is no obvious explanation that you can find to these questions, then you know if what you are dealing with is reliable or not.

Official Introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note

To all Galaxy Note fans in Singapore

After its d├ębut in 2011, I decided to make a switch from iPhone to Android. Back then, clearly the options were limited. What I refer to as options is the range of good Android phones available back then.

Then came Samsung Galaxy Note. What attracted me is the 5.3 inch screen size. If you browse heavily on your phone and you have been browsing from iPhone, you know how irritatingly painful to browse from such a small screen. After I made the switch, the rest is history.

I just love the big screen and the pleasant browsing experience that you are getting from such screen size. To me, the size is perfect as many guys would agree (we have big pockets). While Apple has been accusing Samsung for infringing its patents, I think the Galaxy Note idea is really cool and they deserve some credit for that.

I once bring my newly purchased Galaxy Note and showed a video playing on it to my 65-year old grandma. Guess what was her reaction? She absolutely loved it. The big picture is just perfect for her eyesight. I am sure many of you Galaxy Note fan in Singapore have many stories to tell.

If you are a Galaxy Note fan and looking to buy one, I have a long list of brand new and used Samsung Galaxy Note that are on sale in Singapore.